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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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afghan civilians. we will bring you the latest reaction. gas prices are on the rise. we will let you know how much it expects to pay at the pump. >>mark: rain is on the way. we're waiting for the storms to move back in. here is a look at weather and traffic. >>james: here is a live look outside. in terms of whether, clear and cold conditions syria this afternoon, sunny and mild with highs in the '50s and '60s. tonight it will start to cloud up and we are expecting rain to begin falling during the overnight hours. as for conditions right now, take a look at the maps. it is chilly, especially in the north bay. mid-30s in napa, 36 for santa rosa and nevada.
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in the south bay san jose is at 44, san francisco at 46. we will have your extended forecast in the rain coming up in a full check. >>george: the chp is not reporting any incidents or problems. you're looking at light traffic around the bay area. at the bay bridge westbound the back of has yet to form for the ride in the westbound direction as we move past six. the metering lights will be activated in the next 20 minutes or so. the standards of risk ride is pretty
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>>mark: in afghanistan its caliban is vowing revenge after civilians were shot and killed. the u.s. says the shooting was carried out by an army sergeant who is now in custody. witnesses say that the soldier went from house to house shooting people. most of the dead were women and children. afghans are expressing doubt that a single soldier could have carried out the shootings. the houses were over a mile apart. >>mark: the president says he its deeply felt saddened by the shootings. the white house released this picture of the president calling off the afghan president to express his condolences. cars office condemned the attack calling it an assassination piddocks
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>> when you drop it trial of a mother is an id systems that up. in order to fit your child, the the id has to that. he clearly was not aware of that. >> it is very concerning. no one recognized the individual. we check our sex offender data base, he does not match anyone. >>darya: police on you to take a look at the sketch of the man. for short blond hair to kong's vibrant. this >> the corner has identified a man hit right caltrain and
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killed last week. he had been with a company for about five years. police say he was standing on the tracks in menlo park on friday when he was hit by a northbound train. his death is still under investigation. >>darya: let's take a look at the average gas prices. gas has gone up 125 over the past two weeks. it's the >>jackie: we are paying a lot more in california. $4.50 is the average in california.
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a new poll came out and two- thirds of people say they disapprove of the with the president is handling gas prices. this could have implications on the elections. hough
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>>darya: welcome back. we're focused on the weather. we're waiting for the rain. here is a live look at north star. it is very quiet. >>james: and a winter storm warning is set to take effect in tahoe. it will remain in effect throughout most of the day on tuesday or at least the morning hours. that is when they expect most of the rain to fall. in stockholm, leaving sulfureous of our offer anywhere from 5-10 in. expected to fall.
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for look for more rain in the snow for wednesday. this could extend well into the weekend. we have a series of storms coming to the bay area which means snow for the sierra. >>justine: here is what we are watching right now in the newsroom, live pictures out of indianapolis. do people died when a school bus hit a part of the bridge. here is some of the new information we just learned. the bus driver and a student both died this morning. several people who were injured. this happened about an hour ago. we're still learning new information. >>darya: we are back with more here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is moving pretty well.
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" and >>darya: the bart extension to expansion to san jose is set to begin today. the valley transportation authority will sign papers and start to work. there is a ceremony at tam marking the funding commitment coming from the federal transit administration for the bart silicon valley extension project. five san jose mayor chuck reed will be at that event. >>darya: fire investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started in the sonoma county home over the weekend. the fire killed an elderly woman.
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>>mark: and 015 people have been arrested in connection with two robberies. three suspects are in custody after police responded to a robbery in the 500 block of 18th street at 8:00 p.m.. earlier in the day to other robbery suspects were arrested. >>darya: here is a look at the weather. major changes in store. reynolds or tomorrow and pretty much goes nonstop. kafka credit into saturday,
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more rain and wind. baja and >>james: let's talk about what is happening come tonight and tomorrow. this system to the north is already entered northern california. by this evening we will expect the showers to begin to pop into view. they will go across the entire north bay by 4:00
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a.m.. by 8:00 a.m. we should see pretty flights for a slight rebirth of the bay area with the heaviest stuff combined to the north bay. half that looks like rain could stretch well into next week as well. that is the with the weather looks as if the this morning. let's get a check on traffic with george. >>george: we are continuing to track a pretty good ride around the bay area. as expected, the metering lights have been activated. we are starting to the world that a week westbound. there are no problems, we are still incidents free of
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the upper deck. there are no hot spot to try get around the bay area. your ride to the san mateo bridge, as the switch over to 92 and look at the right side of the screen, is delighted and use wisely move to this of the clock tower. on the golden gate bridge, no delays. the volume is up and the drive time from marin county is still an easy one. 23 minutes. if you are leaving san francisco headed for sfo, you have an easy 12-16 and a drive the and and and when you entered the freeway. no problems on 101 south of or for the rest of the peninsula commute. fulfill >>mark: members of the l.a. unified school boards are calling for changes to make it easier to fire employees in cases of sexual misconduct. fistic officials plan to announce to resolutions, one called on legislators and california to streamline the dismissal process for teachers in sexual misconduct cases. the other makes it easier to
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identify, remove and prosecute employees. >>darya: the search is expected to resume today for a body spotted floating near a capsized boat off the coast of southern california. the coast guard says that four bodies were located off of the santa cruz islands yesterday. the search launched after the four-man field to return from a day of fishing. the coast guard says by the time rescuers got to the book there were only able to recover three of the bodies. investigators are trying to tropopause of this plane crash in southern california, a small jet went down near santa clarita and sparked this 10 a. wildfire. the fire is out now. all of the vehicle in the plane survived the crash this marks >> n.c.a.a. fastball, calif. fares will be facing south
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florida on wednesday in the dayton, ohio furious they entered the tournament as the no. 12 seed. a bad year for the pac-10. half the bears took off against the bulls and the winner gets into the breakfast defaced tumble on friday in nashville. it is possible that the bears could play three games in five days. >>mark: morocco will face perdue on friday. ms. is the second time in three years at st. mary's had made the tournament. their game tips off friday afternoon.
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>>james: the rain begins tomorrow on and off until wednesday, a few showers possible thursday. we could see more showers on saturday.
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>> a recent poll shows a tight race coming up in alabama and a slight romney lead in mississippi. >>mark: we are back into minutes as the kron4 news continues.
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>>mark: the big stories we're following, in afghanistan a telegram has about revenge after an american soldier shot and killed 16 civilians. the u.s. says the shootings are carried out by a single american soldier and off he is now in custody. today is the last a dry day around the bay. we have a series of storms that will stretch into the weekend. >>darya: let's take a look at the timing. >> here is did you outside, this is the day bridge camera.
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this evening, the clouds will roll and and we are expecting rain to begin falling by 8:00 p.m.. it will start in the north bay 50th let's talk about what is happening right now. temperatures are looking like this. here is a quick look at where the fog is.
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>> when we come back an extended look at the week ahead. haugh >>george: things were going great on the bay bridge and then, is always harder on the incline section.
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the the 880 ramp is starting to back up. we are now back up to the end of the east parking lot. the back of is building towards 880. your ride on the san mateo bridge, here's a look at highway 92. we are a problem free with no delays eastbound or westbound. the headlights heading towards us almost looked as heavy in the commute direction. the golden gate bridge ride is an easy one to and from marin county.
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>> the killings have angered many in afghanistan as well as in the united states. one community leader in fremont called the killings and act of terror. he is with the legal education and afghan development and says afghans are demanding a vera investigation into the killings.
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>>darya: the berkeley police chief cents a the armed officer to the reporter's home. some are saying that he was trying to intimidate the recorder. the chief claims he was as reported at recent public meeting so he tried calling into the mailing to get the story changed and then it
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said the officer to his own kind of desperation. it is a decision that he now calls a big mistake. >> i caused distress to die her family. hikes it is certainly a lesson for me and will never happen again. house and
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>>justine: here is what we're watching right now in the kron4 news and, more on the fiddles will bush crash if coming to us from indianapolis. we're watching life pictures of the bus, it allegedly hit the bridge. the school bus driver and one of the students have died. it happened at about 8:00 a.m. east coast time. we're hearing now that there were some students who were critically injured. there were some 50-60 kids ages 5-16 on that bus. we have video that is needed to the kron4 news from join us this accident. >>mark: gas prices are
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continuing to rise. to get you to more news faster, jackie sissel is live in emeryville with more on the rise in prices. >> he talked about the rising prices. according to aaa, the national average is at $3.80. the california average is $4.35. that is up almost 555. only hawaii has more expensive gas the california. it is starting to have political ramifications. two-thirds of people polled disapprove of how the president is handling the gas price situation. let's find out what he will pay at the pump around the bay area. some of the highest prices in the entire country.
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$4.41 in san francisco. some analysts believe that we may actually see gas prices continued to climb until they have increased 20-305. cost >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>darya: he was convicted in 2001 of killing its crew from. he was sentenced to 64 years to life in prison. a court overturned the conviction saying that prosecutors improperly dismissed at least one black juror. it's >> little league baseball equipment has been stolen from a storage shed. police are looking for who swiped it.
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we will have steady rain i on tuesday. but whether all of the week.
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we have a lot to look forward to. let's get a check on traffic with george. >>george: there had been a stall on the bay bridge, it has been clear from the upper deck at the metering lights have slowed. we're now dealing with a backup of the bay bridge. drive times are 14-16 minutes coming out of the macarthur maze. otherwise we are not tracking and the hot spots. on the san mateo bridge, a smith committed in both directions.
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>>justine: federal safety regulators are investigating complaints of throttle's sticking in some ford taurus cars. this is the 2005 and 2006 model years. the agency is saying that a driver ran a red light and entered an intersection before the court to stop. >>darya: a key ruling expected today in the sandusky case.
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>>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. let's get a live look outside, this is the last friday of the week. call
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